No Love from Billy Corgan

Courtney and Billy

Chris Jackson/Kevin Winter/Getty Images

I love these random fights that no longer relevant artists cause to make themselves relevant again. This time it’s between [lastfm]Hole[/lastfm]’s [lastfm]Courtney Love[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Smashing Pumpkins[/lastfm] [lastfm]Billy Corgan[/lastfm].

I’m not even sure why this is making headlines, but it is, so darn it, I’m going to share it!

Looks like Love and Corgan worked on some material a few years back and she wants to use it. To sum it up, he thinks she’s trashy and pretty much doesn’t want his name attached to anything with hers on it.

Love soon responded on her Facebook page to apologize — “I love you, I love your strong and eternal heart, even love the f****d up gnarly amazing magnificent bigger-than-god louder-than-love karma of the songs you write and allow me to fly with,” she wrote.

On Monday, Corgan took to his Twitter to attack Love. “Only u could abandon such a beautiful, incredible child who is smarter than u, cooler than u, and better than u. Oops, did I say too much?” he wrote.

He then added, “Maybe you should go someone nice+live off your husband’s money, u know the money he made for writing all those great songs.” Corgan was obviously referring to Love’s former husband, [lastfm]Kurt Cobain[/lastfm], lead singer of [lastfm]Nirvana[/lastfm], who committed suicide in 1994.

The usually crass and outspoken Love responded  unexpectedly with  “@billy all i am is nice about you so if you wanna be mean be mean i don’t feel anything.”

Billy may have gotten a point for being honest, but Courtney gets a point for taking the high road…kind of.


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