Put Down The Phone And Drive
Texting Hurts Our Backs, Killing Cravings By Tapping, And The Dangers Of Energy Drinks
Shaming Drivers Who Text By Taking Their Photos
Docs To Parents: Limit Kids’ Texts, Tweets, Online Time
Are You A Smart Phone D****e-Bag?
Madonna Banned From Movie Theater Chain Over TextingJust because you're Madonna doesn't mean you can break the rules. At least, that's what one chain of cinemas is trying to enforce.
Man Texts 'I Need To Quit Texting' Before Driving Off Bridge
Candyce S. Won $1,000 Just By Texting...You Can Too!
Antaurus W. Won $1,000 Just By Texting...You Can Too!
Frampton Comes Alive: Singer Tweets About Texting Driver Who Hit HimThe 62-year-old rocker documented a car accident he was involved in yesterday (July 31) afternoon via his Twitter account.
Texter Who Fell In Fountain Threatens To Sue?
Dope Of The Day - Texting And Walking

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