Video: Portland Thief Shoves Python Down His PantsPolice are on the lookout for a man who walked into a southeast Portland pet store and stuck a 2-foot-long python down his pants.
We're #2! When It Comes To Cat Ladies
Megan Rapinoe's Reign Rematch Vs Portland This Sunday
5.31 And 6.7 Seattle Majestics (Women's Tackle Football)
Seattle: Are We Road Ragers?
Superstars Join Forces For Portland-Based 'Super-Earth'
Awesome Map Shows Americans' Favorite Music Genres
Poll: If Portland Gets NFL Team, What Is The Mascot?Could the Seattle Seahawks have a rival that isn't nearly 1,000 miles away? If the group "NFL to Oregon" gets its way, the Hawks could have an I-5 rival in Portland.
Middle School Coach Wanted Hooters For Kids, Gets Fired
‘Where’s Waldo Bandit’ Messes With Portland
Who's The Nerdiest? Us Or Portland? Seattle Places On The Top Ten List

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