He's Country Now, But Steven Tyler's 'Love Is Your Name' Video Is Still So, Well, Steven TylerThe video begins with a lone microphone shown in an empty arena donned by several of Tyler's iconic scarves.
Watch Coldplay Get 'Magic-al' in New Music VideoFor their new music video for "Magic," Coldplay and co. become literal magicians as two lovers fight to be together.
Macklemore's New Video, Starring Dick's Drive-In [VIDEO]Check out Macklemore's latest video. Yep, this is the one they shot at Dick's on Cap Hill.
Depeche Mode Film In Pouring Rain For New Video
Watch The Bon Jovi Finale: “Because We Can” Trilogy
David Bowie's New Video: A Rockin' Freak Show (With Tilda Swinton)
David Bowie Taps Tilda Swinton For Provocative New Video
SPOILER ALERT - Winners for GRAMMYs Music Video
Bon Jovi Show Their Fighting Side In 'Because We Can' Video
Soundgarden Stars As Segway Gang In Dave Grohl-Directed Video
Aerosmith Debuts Bar Brawl Video For 'What Could Have Been Love'The video fits with the song's country vibe, showing Steven Tyler belting out the ballad over empty beer cans and liquor bottles in a dive bar filled with roughed-up clientele.
WATCH: Heart Premieres New Video For 'Fanatic'Looking to build up some steam for the release of their 14th studio album, Heart premiered the music video for its eponymous single, "Fanatic." Ann and Nancy Wilson cut the production fat and stick to their bread and butter for the video - rocking out live.

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