Callahan's Sports: Ichiro's 3000 Hits Collage, Mike McCready And Bill Gates Play Tennis...Both of the non-pro tennis players were nailing it.
Sports: Serena Shows Her Baby Bump And The Double Ichiro Bobblehead [Photos]The only time a double bobblehead set was ever given out before, it was another Mariner and a Cinncinati Red - Ken Griffey, Jr.
Ichiro Pitches Some Heat For The Marlins [Video]
Ichiro Spotted Eating Pizza In Bellevue, Will He Return To Mariners?An unconfirmed source says Ichiro Suzuki may be thinking about the Seattle Mariners again.
Top 10 Sports Moments: Seattle 2012
Ichiro's 'New' Look
Mariners: Meaningful Moments

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