1.31 Callahan's News: Marshawn Lynch Goes To ScotlandHe's a freakin' comedian!
NSFW: Let Marshawn Guide You With The Greatest Advice EverWe've seriously cut down on the pizza and Mad Dog 20/20 to get into shape. But we finally found the best MENTAL workout there is.
Marshawn Lynch: A Very Thankful Beast [Video]Marshawn Lynch's postgame interview on Saturday included the response "I'm thankful" to every question he was asked.
Beast Mode Bench Dances With Haushka [Video]
Beast Mode A Villain?Marshawn Lynch is making a lot of people angry.
Beast Mode Is BackThe Seattle Seahawks confirmed Thursday that running back/Skittles aficionado Marshawn Lynch will return to training camp.
Marshawn Hides From Media But Talks To Deion [Video And Photos]

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