Adorable Toddler Learns about Breast Feeding, Requests Chocolate MilkThis video is VERY cute.
It's A Girl! [Video]Watch their pre-birth saccharine sweet video here.
2.13 Callahan's News: A Largely Pregnant Ciara Dances For Russell [Video]Big hint dropped about the boy or girl thing, too.
12.15 Callahan's News: Baby Wilson's New Shoes, GNR XMAS Sweater, $30K XMAS Sweater, Seahawks Food Truck Party...Now accepting new members: the state’s first After-School Satan Club for kids or a support group for Christmas light addicts
Baby With New Glasses Sees Mom And Dad Clearly, Finally [Video]
Russell Wilson Caught Pushing Ciara's Baby Stroller
Richard Sherman On Birth Of Son: 'Hopefully He'll Stay In There Until After The Game!'
Science: Women Dig Rock Stars
Terrifying Moose Attack Caught On Film
Seahawks Fan Names Baby '12th Mann'
Gwen Stefani Joins Instagram to Announce Big Baby NewsGwen Stefani has been keeping mum about her baby bump, that is until now.
Face Plant: Baby's First Ice Puddle

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