Jason Tries the Halloween-Themed Starbucks “Zombie Frappuccino”

Hey there, it’s Jason Burrows here at Jack-FM, back with another Starbucks review for you!  The first message I woke up to this morning was from my friend Kira asking if I had tried the Zombie Frappuccino yet, so I here I am…

As you may remember, back in April, Starbucks gave us the Unicorn Frappuccino; a delicious meld of berries, cream, sour raspberry, and magical sprinkles.

NOW, we’re a few days away from Halloween & they’ve dropped their next big short-term offering: The Zombie Frappuccino.

As soon as I saw that they were available, I popped across the street from the studio to the Dexter Station Starbucks to grab a Venti Zombie Frappuccio.

Much like with the Unicorn, it’s clear that the employees have made a ton of these so far, so they’ve got it down to an art.  The blood like “zombie mocha drizzle” hits the cup first, followed by a green caramel apple powder mixed crème based Frappuccino.  After it’s all put together, they top it with pink whipped cream that does a great job of replicating BRAAAAAIIIINNNNSS!

I was expecting there to be Matcha in the mix, given the green color of the beverage, but alas…  Also, once again since it’s a crème based Frapp & not a coffee based one, there’s no caffeine, so it’s all sugar keeping you wired.

My barista told me that she’s really enjoying this one, so I was excited to try it.  Unfortunately, this one doesn’t really hit me the way the unicorn did.  The tart caramel apple flavor of the base is interesting, but it either needs to be a little more tart or a little more sweet, because the spot where they have it now is a little… flat.  The mocha blood drizzle is interesting but ultimately a little weird combining the chocolate flavor with the caramel apple.  Not bad, just weird.  The pink whipped cream was also just kinda okay.  Not bad, but not great.  I was expecting a crazy flavor & just got whipped cream.

So,points for being an awesome holiday themed drink that isn’t terrible!  I just wish it had a little more BANG for my Starbucks.  If YOU get one of these & it has a flavor explosion in your mouth, let me know where so I can go try it the way I assume it’s meant to be experienced.

That’s it for me, I’m Jason from Jack-FM & I’m gonna go eat some braaaaaaaaaains.

zombie frapp 02 Jason Tries the Halloween Themed Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino


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