New Hickey King Has Been Crowned After Kentucky Teen’s Arrest [MUGSHOT]

Louisville, KT — A Kentucky teenager arrested this week appears to have set a new U.S. record for hickeys.
Micah Musser, 18, was arrested yesterday morning after Louisville police discovered him and several juvenile runaways inside an abandoned building. Musser and the minors were found laying on the floor, which was strewn with “empty alcoholic beverage containers,” according to a court citation.
Musser told cops that he and the minors had consumed the alcohol after gaining entry to the boarded-up property the prior evening.
Charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful transaction with a minor, Musser was booked into the Louisville Metro Corrections jail, where the adjacent mug shot was snapped. He is scheduled for a June 13 arraignment on the misdemeanor charges.
The citation offers no details as to how Musser obtained the apparent hickey swarm on his neck. Based on photos uploaded to his Facebook page in late-April, Musser’s hickeys appear to be of recent vintage.

micahmug Jacks DUMB Crimes O The Day

Woman rescued from river, arrested on outstanding warrant

Police say firefighters helped a woman who was stranded on a rock in a Maine river get safely back to shore, where she was immediately arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Police say 37-year-old Kimberly Hayford and a man became stranded Saturday night after their inflatable raft was punctured by a rock in the Saco River near Limington. Firefighters coaxed the pair off the rock, and they were able to get back to safety.

A sheriff’s deputy took their IDs and checked for any outstanding warrants, which the department says is standard procedure.

Hayford was wanted for not paying a $720 fine related to a conviction for operating under the influence.

Hayford’s arraignment is Monday. She couldn’t be reached immediately for comment. It was unknown if she had a lawyer.


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