Michael Bennett tweeted yesterday that he will “boycott” The Seattle Times.

It’s all because Matt Calkins wrote an article with the title “Seahawks’ Michael Bennett does great things, but why the immaturity?“

Bennett tweeted “My boycott has just started against you guys.” 3 hours later: “I will never talk to seattle times the rest of my career and will encourage my teammates to do the same”.

Read the Times article here

FOLLOW UP: Matt Calkins has apologized.

His original article cited an incident when Bennett lashed out local news guy Bill Wixey after a playoff loss last season to the Falcons.  (Bennett ripped Wixey a new one.)

Calkins said he woke up on Monday morning and listened to the guys on ESPN sports radio saying that Bennett had privately apologized to Bill Wixey.

Calkins said he was happy for Wixey, and horrified at himself. Calkins also wrote that hopefully nobody sees this is as a surrender to blowback. “If columnists aren’t swimming in vitriol from time to time, they probably aren’t doing their jobs.”

Michael Bennett, on Twitter yesterday, said to Calkins:


Read Calkins new article here.


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