Is That a Video of Vladimir Putin Covering Radiohead’s ‘Creep?’

By Hayden Wright

A video of Russian President Vladimir Putin singing Radiohead’s “Creep” karaoke-style is making the rounds, and it’s glorious. Although the clip has already been debunked as a fake, according to NME, there’s something seductive about the way Putin spits out Tom Yorke’s lyrics in a thick Russian accent. If you were, say, an American diplomat or campaign official, this video might inspire you to get cozy with the Motherland. It’s just that charming!

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As an FBI investigation rolls on over whether President Trump’s 2016 campaign had nefarious contact with the Russian government, the former Soviet Union is never far from the headlines. The Americans is also the best show on television. But if you’d ever wondered what a Putin-Radiohead mashup would sound like, some ingenious internet user has filled in the gaps.

Watch Putin’s take on “Creep” here. Too bad it’s not real:

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