Sorry Pluto, You’ve Been Replaced

It’s been nearly ten years since poor Pluto was down-graded to a ‘dwarf’ planet – and our whole childhood education questioned.

Ten years later, a new planet farther than Pluto is said to be the real ninth planet.

Astronomer Mike Brown, the same guy who said Pluto wasn’t so special after all, is now saying a planet 10 to 20 times the size of Earth is out there.

The thing is, he hasn’t actually seen it yet.

“It’s so far away that it’s actually just at the edge of what our biggest telescopes on the ground can possibly see…Fifty billion miles away,” Brown told CBS News.

Part of the reason we can’t find it, according to Brown, is because Planet Nine takes 15,000 years to make one orbit. (Talk about a long winter)

While Brown may have helped discover another planet, he will always be known to the world as the guy who killed Pluto.
Long live Pluto.


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