1.4 Callahan’s News: Bennett’s Best Press Chat Yet, Congress Dab Is Super Cringy, Beat The Cold With Shelters And Socks

Seahawks Defensive End Michael Bennett spoke with the media leading up to Seattle’s Wild Card matchup against the Detroit Lions. He was wearing a great sweatshirt that referred to getting fined for the dance he does after a sack — What’s it say, Michael?

“Three pumps is a fine, two pumps is a baby.”

How are sales doing, Michael Bennett?

“Sales are going through the roof.”

Have you talked to Roger Goodell about your 2 Pump Dance?

“It’s kinda hard to get in touch with Goodell. He’s sitting in the back, smiling and making a lot of money. I’d be quiet too.”

Get your very own Michael Bennett Sweatshirt here!

The son of a congressman stole the show from dad yesterday- who was getting sworn in by Paul Ryan. The kid DABBED – which is Cam Newton’s signature move. Ryan thought he was trying to block a sneeze….


Puget Sound Energy  reported at least 3,000 power outages early Wednesday, but most of those have been restored. There are seven shelters available in the Everett area. Most of them open when temperatures fall below 32-33 degrees for more than four hours. You can find more information on the city website.

The downtown Union Gospel Mission is collecting your donations of all kinds of warm things for our homeless neighbors, including new warm socks …. can you imagine having cold feet out there? Info here.


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