RUSSELL AND CIARA:ย If you are fascinated by their personal life – we’ve got another super happy couple video for you.ย For his 28th birthday on Tuesday, the newlyweds and parents-to-be went up to a snow capped mountain, and the most fashionable snow bunny ever, did a little dance for her man.


A new ESPN article calls Kam Chancellor the heart of the team, but he says he has regrets about holding out last season. The Hawks lost their first two regular-season games without him, and Kam said, โ€œIf you think of it like we are brothers, then I was messing up that brotherly bond for the sake of money.โ€ Read more here at ESPN.


Kam Chancellor (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Kam Chancellor (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

The Forbes list of the highest paid musicians of 2016 is out. The top five slots were dominated by pop, with Taylor Swift at number one. Whatever! The woman made 170 million bucks. But OUR artists are also raking it in: AC/DC was number seven $68. million, The Rolling Stones came in at number eight at 67 million, Bruce Springsteen was eleven, Paul McCartney at 12 and U2 at 15.
'AC/DC - The Wine' (William West/Getty Images)

‘AC/DC – The Wine’ (William West/Getty Images)


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