In 1955, on January 26th, a guitar legend was born in Nijmegen, Netherlands. His name: Edward Lodewijk van Halen. You know him as axe virtuoso Eddie Van Halen.

Van Halen reinvented guitar playing in the late 1970s with his band Van Halen by surging metal noodling into Texas boogie. His riffery is matchless — and not easy to play for most guitar hacks. He is undoubtedly a guitar god.

However, there are a lot of Van Halen songs that totally suck. So, for Eddie’s big 60th, we’re listing the five worst singles his band has put out:

5. “Tattoo” (2012)



Not the worst theme in the world…David Lee Roth is mocking suburban homes incorporating tattoos into their culture. But, this tune is just too cheesy to come off as cool. Sorry, Diamond Dave.

4. “Can’t Stop Loving You” (1995)



This is the closest you can get to being Christian Rock without being a Christian Rock band. Van Halen always had the chops to distance themselves from hair metal bands, yet this single–which came out in 1995, mind you–might as well be a Stryker hit.

3. “Without You” (1998)



Aaaaaannnnddddd enter Mr. Cherone. Despite this hitting #1 on Billboard, “Without You” is cringe-worthy.

2. “One I Want” (1998)



Gary Cherone is back again!

1. “Fire in the Hole” (1998)



My god, how does Cherone do it! Can you make it through the entire video?


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