Screen Time, Fake Eyeballs And The Evils Of Soda Pop

Screen Time And Your Children
A new medical study says too much screen time is messing with your kids sleep – it’s that nasty blue light from computers and smart phones and tablets. You can dim the screen or just cut them off early in the evening – cause a sleepy kid is a crabby kid…

Read more here from our Seattle CBS affiliate

Costume Contact Lenses
Hey you Count Dracula wanna be’s – if you’re going to wear those freaky decorative contact lenses this Halloween, sorry to be a bummer, but you could get an infection or decreased vision and even blindness. Go with the candy fangs instead…

Details from the FDA here

New Soda Danger
This is just great – first they said aspartame in diet sodas was bad, and that sugar in regular soda makes us fat, and now another reason to quit the brown and bubbly all together –a new study says soda leads to accelerated aging ….

Read more here from our San Francisco CBS affiliate



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