Now Thru 8.22 Jet City Improv’s ‘Wise Guys’

Every night’s performance of Wise Guys will follow the rise and fall of the next great mob boss, from the first carnation in his lapel to his final date with destiny, while the audience serves as the shows’ consigliere. In fact, every audience at Wise Guys will be responsible for deciding the how the family makes their money, who’s in charge, and who can’t be trusted. From there, the improvisers will take the family through a decades-long story of outrageous hit jobs, rival gangs, love and betrayal.

As Joe Pesci’s monologue in Goodfellas may suggest (“I make you laugh? I’m here to [expletive] amuse you?”), this show will feature language, violence, and themes worthy of the roughest crime syndicates but not recommended for all audiences.

Tickets here.


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