Using Craigslist is great way to find a super cheap and “gently used” couch or tickets to the concert you just can’t miss.

It’s also apparently great for romance.

If you haven’t checked out the Missed Connections section of this classifieds website, you’re missing out. The section let’s anyone (we mean anyone) post an anonymous shoutout to a stranger they’ve met in the hopes that the stranger will read the posting and send over some personal contact info.

There’s quite a few lessons to be learned from this section. The most important takeaway though is that any amount of eye contact = mutual attraction. So for all those friendly cashiers and waitresses trying to keep their jobs with good customer service: the gig is up — we know you’re really just checking us out.

Always a hopeless romantic, JACK collected a few of these and posted our favorites below. To the countless couples we’ll probably connect: you’re welcome, and please feel free to send us future wedding invitations.

(Click on the photos to enlarge)

1. The Helping Hand

This one is interesting. Here we have boy meets girl, girl needs help putting something into her car. Only on a second read, this interaction becomes a bit suspicious:

cl7 Missed Connections In The PNW

A body. It was a body.

2. The Shopper

We’re not sure if the person who posted this went in and bought chicken or chickened out, but either way it’s pretty fowl.

cl1 Missed Connections In The PNW

3. A Normal Afternoon 

Seems legit.

 cl2 Missed Connections In The PNW

4. The Drinker

cl5 Missed Connections In The PNW

That’s great he’s not drinking out of her glass, because by this point it’s probably laced with rufilin.

5. A Blessing 

cl3 Missed Connections In The PNW

Greatest discoveries by mankind: space travel, vaccinations, the airplane and dat ass.


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