US Map Shows Us What Creepy Things We Google

A new Estately study shows us which terms each state Googles more than any other. As it turns out, Washington is obsessed with non-alcoholic beer and Rachel Maddow, Texans ask a lot of questions, and Alabamians love Jessica Simpson almost as much as they hate Obama.

The term searched more in Washington state than in any other state is: “unicorn tattoo.”

Who didn’t see that one coming, amirite? 

Washingtonians also searched “circumcision” (what?), “Dungeons & Dragons” (not surprising considering all the nerds here), “gluten”, “Judas Priest“, “non-alcoholic beer” (come on, Seattle), “pho”, “quinoa”, “Rachel Maddow”, and “happy hour.”

Seeing what people in Washington Google is hilarious, but not as hilarious as seeing  super weird or super stereotypical search terms from other states. Here are few more:

Arkansas: “learn to read”, “Walmart jobs”

Texas: “Do I have herpes?”, “Does beer make you fat?”, “meth recipes”

Colorado: “crossfit”, “marijuana” (where was Seattle on this one?)

The always-self-obsessed Delaware: “Delaware”

Meanwhile, Floridians are looking up “alligator wrestling” (stay safe, Florida) while people in Illinois are Googling for “thin crust pizza” and “racist jokes.”

Check out the full list here.


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