By Jay Tilles

The first of a four-part interview with Chris Martin was released today (Apr 28) and it could be Martin’s most revealing interview to date. The Coldplay frontman sat in a Santa Monica, CA recording studio opposite BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe and offered a series of candid responses.

Speaking about the band’s chemistry and how he hopes it will ultimately lead to their longevity, Martin explained “We’re very, very tight at the moment. I know that I’m the one that is the frontman and the one that’s on the magazines and stuff but with everything we’ve been blessed with, what we constantly come back to is is this relationship. Because none of us are prodigies or virtuosos, we’ve seen bands come and go in the time that we’ve been around and we’ve seen the ones that have lost it and we’ve worked really hard to communicate with each other in a way that brings the best out of everybody.”

Martin revealed the band’s relationship became a real focus when they worked with Brian Eno who said, “You really have to respect the chemistry between you.” The frontman confessed he’d actually been booted from the band for a time. “He kicked me out of the band for a few weeks to get everybody’s confidence up because at that time I could be quite strong-minded in terms of it has to sound like this.”

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To hit home how valuable each member’s part is, Martin went so far as to outline how the song-writing credit is distributed, with 40% going to Martin and the remaining 60% split equally among Berryman, Buckland and Champion. “Everything else is 25/25/25/25,” explained Martin.

Set for a May 19 release, Martin says Ghost Stories, is a bit more “personal and smaller” than previous albums.

“The idea of Ghost Stories for me was how do you let the thinks that happened to you in the past, your ghosts, how do you let them affect your present and your future? Because there was a time when I felt like they were going to drag me down, kind of ruin my life and the lives of those around me.”

Watch part one of Chris Martin’s interview here.


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