Jack learned a couple of things from a cool, interactive map published Tuesday on TIME.

The map, which looks a lot like America under a heat sensor, shows where in the U.S. a music genre is most popular. Rock was well-loved all over the country, but Seattleites in particular are huge fans of metal and alternative. Given the rich music history of the city, this isn’t surprising. Stereotype or not, Seattle invented grunge and plaid before anyone even knew that was a thing. And there’s no doubt that local bands Nirvana and Pearl Jam have contributed to the metal- and alternative-love here.

Seattle was also one of the cities where rap & hip hop was especially popular. While some of rap’s biggest stars and former icons have roots in California (TupacSnoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar) and New York (Jay-Z, A$AP Rocky), Seattle-born rapper Macklemore may be contributing to a rise in rap & hip-hop fans in the Pacific Northwest.

A few other things were as to be expected. Soul and gospel were most popular in the Southeast; rhythm & blues was a top choice in the South, Northeast and the West (primarily California); and EDM/Electronica was a hit in major West Coast (L.A.) and East Coast (New York) cities.

There were a few surprises, though. Given the rich history of Bluegrass music, and it’s Appalachian roots, it makes total sense that this is also the most popular genre in Portland. Nonetheless, the bluegrass scene there is huge.

Visit TIME to check out the map for yourself. It’s actually pretty fun.









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