Firkin’ Mariners! Beer and Bats At Safeco [Video]

Who loves kicking back at The Safe with a brewksi? I see your hands raised! How about a special brew to go along with this already special Mariners season?

Firkin Friday: Starting today, every Friday home game at Safeco will now be Firkin Friday in The ‘Pen (one of the many restaurants inside the ball park.) Local brew masters will tap small kegs, called Firkins, full of unfiltered, unpasteurized beer naturally fermented in these small casks without the use of CO2 carbonation. Among beer aficionados, cask ale is often known as “real ale.”

Today’s firkin will be from Skagit River Brewery in Mt. Vernon and will be tapped the traditional way: laid on its side then a spout is driven in. A vent hole is made in the top of the keg so the naturally carbonated beer can be poured by gravity.

On Firkin Fridays, the keg will be tapped an hour before the game, and special prices will be extended until the firkin is frickin’ empty.

Watch the hilarity in this video when a first-timer taps a firkin: -Callahan, Jack Seattle


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