Ahead of their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction tonight, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic told happier stories last night, about the heyday of the band Nirvana to a giddy, nearly drooling Jimmy Fallon. Who can blame him.

Krist, who still lives in Seattle, told Fallon that even though this is an exciting week, it’s bittersweet because there’s someone who should be here celebrating with them. The 20th anniversary of Kurt’s death was just this past week.

Good memory #1 (That I had not ever heard): The guys toured around in a van even after Nevermind went gold. (Resisting that sell-out status?)

Here’s Part 1:

Good memory #2: The fellows intentionally destroyed Dave Grohl’s drums so he could get a new set (Where-oh-where is that video?)

Good memory #3: The band got a call from “Weird Al” Yankovic about the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” parody while they were sitting in the “Saturday Night Live” dressing room. Very cool of Al to call directly. (I think they all go through their agents these days).

They also talked about working with Paul McCartney recently, who also plays a left-handed guitar like Kurt Cobain.

And Part 2:

Grohl and Novoselic will be in Brooklyn tonight for the Rock Hall induction of Nirvana (along with inductees Peter Gabriel, KISS, Cat Stevens, Linda Ronstadt, Daryl Hall and John Oates, and the E Street Band.) Mousey R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe will welcome them into the club.

But what about the Nirvana performance? It’s been rumored that Joan Jett will lead the tribute, but nothing has been made official. (Ratings building tease in place).

The ceremony is taking place tonight at the Barclays Center, which we do not get to see live (I’m guessing a lot of  these rockers are not meant for live FCC-controlled TV) with a highlights special set to air May 31st on HBO.

-Callahan, Jack Seattle


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