Craigslist is home to all kinds of oddities, but one that I just found (thanks to a friend) is hilarious…and mysterious.

The name of the ad is: Kurt Cobain’s Stuff, Swatch Phone & Skiis & Tomy Game – $50 (Belltown)

The author opens the ad by saying he used to shack up with Cobain back in the 90s and that he has been “holding on to a bunch of his stuff that he left in a box when he moved out.” Cobain allegedly owed the author and his other housemates rent and vowed to reclaim the box once he came up with the money. Kurt “never really talked to” his alleged former housemates after leaving the unit because of Nirvana catching fame and Courtney Love’s (Cobain’s wife) disdain with the author.

Most people who read that opening paragraph are undoubtedly smirking in front of their computer screens, and the anonymous seller knows this. That is why in the second paragraph, he offers up why his posting is legitimate:

“i am sure it would be easy for you to think that this stuff is fake, but i have pictures of kurt with some of it and i have som friends that will talk to you that will say that this is kurts stuff. we lived together in capitol hill and for a short time in olympia, i was in some very popular bands back then but now i am not playing any music anymore, but if anybody reading this wants to jam, let me know heh heh.”

If that doesn’t scream authenticity, I don’t know what does.

I encourage you to read the rest of the post here.

-Chris Coyle, JACK Seattle


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