Is Your Selfie A Lie?

This veteran reporter just refuses to post most of her selfies. Why? Because 90% of them catch me at a bad angle, that’s why.
But, according to a new poll from the Renfrew Center Foundation, about half of the selfie posters in the world would rather touch up their photo than not post it.

Yep, the study says about half of those who take selfies say they do some retouching before posting to social media. (Removing a zit or opening a closed eye.) ¬†Of those retouchers, 13% say they use retouching tools every time they post a photo of themselves. 17% say they do only sometimes. 49% say they feel the need to retouch in order to enhance the way they look. 12% admit they usually aren’t happy with the way their photos turn out, (I would make that percentage much higher) and 6% say they do work virtual magic on their photos to make them appear thinner. (Yah! That’s my favorite group.)

I say, let it all hang out! (Or learn the fine art of posing to look thin – chin up and in the dark!)

Celebrities do selfies here.

Callahan, Jack Seattle


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