Russell Wilson went on a whirlwind tour of New York after the outrageous win in New Jersey.

Thanks to CBS TV for the transcription of his appearance on Letterman:

Letterman: “We’re very lucky to have the quarterback from the winning team, and tell us about your last 24 hours. Crazy, I know.”

Wilson: “I’ve probably gotten about 25 minutes of sleep, and you know, if you guys know me, I kind of always say, ‘There’s no time to sleep,’ so I guess that’s kind of been my mantra the past 24 hours. I haven’t had any.”

Letterman: “Now, what did you guys do as a team after the game last night?”

Wilson: “Oh, we had a blast, man.” (audience wildly applauds) “We just, we just had so much fun. It was awesome. You know, Macklemore performed for us in the hotel, and Coach Carroll was up there trying to sing and dance, and Paul Allen, our owner, was playing the guitar the whole night, so it doesn’t get too much better.”

Letterman: “…You can’t wait to get back to Seattle, I guess, huh?”

Wilson: “Oh, yeah, we’ve got a big parade waiting for us, so that’ll be a lot of fun.”

Letterman: “I saw footage of the Space Needle. They had it all illuminated in team colors and shooting off fireworks. That was great. And what a town for your team, they have really embraced your organization, haven’t they?”

Wilson: “Well, you know, it’s our first win, you know, our first Super Bowl win, you know, in franchise history, so that’s big. You know, that’s big for us, and we worked so hard for it.” (audience wildly applauses again)

Later in the interview, Letterman declared to Wilson that “the time has come” and the host went out in the audience to catch a pass from the Seahawks quarterback. Wilson’s entire interview can be seen on the LATE SHOW tonight.

Thanks to Deborah Marcus, CBS Television.


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