Blue And Green Food And Booze For Your Super Bowl Party

Are you asking, “Why bother with blue and green food when I’m really into blue and green booze?” Go here for that, man. But we do have a blue shooter recipe below…

Now for the munchies that will make all your party guests plotz with delight. And don’t forget the special edition Skittles – if you can find them, they’re blue and green only. Go Beast Mode!

BLUE COTTON Paco Navarro Getty

Paco Navarro Getty

For The Blue:
Blueberry pie, blueberry muffins or blueberry smoothies. Pie is best for the evening game’s desert. Or, make a blueberry VODKA smoothie. Duh! (Just go with vanilla ice cream, blue food coloring and booze, forget the blueberries! I just made that up, so be warned.)

Blue Jello – For the kids.
For the adults: Bacardi Blue Hurricane mix (liquor included) is blue and here’s many recipes with many different kinds of blue boozes for your Blue Jello Shooters.

Andrew H. Walker Getty Images

Andrew H. Walker
Getty Images

Blue Donuts – Call Krispy Kreme and Top Pot Donuts and they’ll do it by the order.
Blue Gummy Bears and Sharks and such.
Blue M&Ms, Blue gatorade, Blue lollipops, Blue ice cream, and even Blue rice – just add food coloring (Just made that one up, too.)

The highly alcoholic drink absinthe - By: Adam Berry  Getty Images

The highly alcoholic drink absinthe –
 Adam Berry – Getty Images

For the Green:

Get out your green food coloring and go to town. Or you can buy this tricky green stuff called pandan paste, and use just a little of it for the food coloring. Just use half a teaspoon for most recipes, really . Think green mac n’ cheese, green chocolate chip cookies, green deviled eggs – the deviled part is the only green part.

For desert, make some instant Pistachio pudding (green) and throw some blue whipped cream on that (food coloring).

The sky is the limit! Go for it.

Green food ideas at Taste Of Home and Pinterest and Green Chocolate Chip cookies using pandan paste here.

-Callahan, Jack Seattle


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