Let’s face it. Seattle’s Pearl Jam is known, predominantly, for the live show.

Since 1990, the band has made every single show a unique experience; this is the result of matchless stage banter from frontman Eddie Vedder, energy from all five members that never seems to evaporate (except Stone…sometimes Stone is tired) — but most of all, what separates Pearl Jam from most bands, is that the group’s setlist is virtually unpredictable night in and night out. Yes, if there is a new album being promoted, you can expect at least two or three cuts from that record, but other than that, all options are pretty much on the table.

We did a quick search and saw that “Yellow Ledbetter” has probably been played the most (321 times). But leave it to a Jammer to e-mail us with the correct answer.

So, ahead of Friday night’s concert, we thought we’d check in with YOU to see what YOU think the band will open with at KeyArena. The on Saturday, for fun, we can see how accurate the Jack Seattle Pearl Jam fanbase was.

Here are some stats from this tour:
-“Oceans” was the opener in Vancouver.
-“Pendulum” was the opener three nights in a row: Oakland, Portland and Spokane. It has also been the opener the most on this tour.
-The last time Pearl Jam was in Seattle, September 21st and 22nd in 2009, the band went with “Long Road” and “Sometimes”




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