Even if there were no headline, you’d probably be able to guess what happens here. Why else would we be showing you a clip from a local Fox morning show of a reporter at an ice rink in Minnesota?!

First thing wrong here: this poor woman is for some reason amazed that her skates work. She’s sliding across the ice and seems genuinely shocked. “Weeeee, look at me, I’m sliding on ice!” And then almost as if on cue, she goes down. For a brief moment, it seems like she might think quickly enough put her arms out and break the fall. Nope. Face into ice. Smack. Ouch. Sure, it’s a little painful to watch. But aren’t you just daring the universe to challenge you while you try to skate backward, stay upright and do an interview all at once?

Why do reporters continue to do things like this anyway? It would be much safer (and the potential for embarrassment is greatly reduced) to stand outside the rink. You’ll still be able to get your point across. We all get it- it’s cold in Minnesota and there’s lots of ice. We know what happens on ice- people fall down. You don’t need to demonstrate it.


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