Sleeping With Someone May Help You Get A Better Rest

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Would you get a better night’s sleep if you slept next to someone or slept alone?

Some surveys show more couples are now sleeping in separate beds.

So are they on to something? Do you get a better night’s sleep that way? Can you have a better relationship that way? The idea of separate beds was television reality on the old “I Love Lucy” show but it’s also real life for some people. Realtor Michelle Schocker found a home for sale with two separate master bedrooms and two master baths.

“This was designed for two people who want their own space and still be together,” said Schocker.

So why do some folks want to sleep separately? There are a lot of reasons that can drive couples to separate bedrooms; everything from stealing covers, to different work shifts, to different temperature preferences, to wanting the TV on or off.

But sleep experts say there is evidence that people are actually programmed to want to sleep with someone else. “I think psychologically we benefit from closeness with another human being at night,” said Dr. Wendy Troxel with the Rand Corporation. “When you think about sleep, it’s a really vulnerable state to be in.”

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