Dumbass Of The Day Sets His Wife On Fire

It’s hard to tell which part of this story is the dumbest. It could be the part when the dumbass thinks waving a lighter around near someone’s face is a good idea… or the part when he does it while at a gas station, standing next to a gas tank.

You can probably guess what happened. According to CNN, this genius ignited a cigarette lighter and held it down near the nozzle where gasoline was flowing into his truck. What could go wrong? Well, the fumes caught fire. For some reason, the man thought it might be a good idea to yank the the gas pump from the car. Spraying flaming gas onto his wife probably wasn’t his intention, but that’s what happened. She caught fire and suffered second- and third-degree burns.

The fool, named Austin Dawkins, is now charged with reckless conduct and has hopefully learned an important lesson about lighters and gasoline. Or at least maybe next time, he’ll have the courtesy to stay a safe distance from his wife before waving a lighter around flamable gases.


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