The Most Bizarre SkyMall Products Ever

If you’ve ever been stuck on a long flight, chances are you’ve flipped through the pages of a SkyMall catalog. While some of the products are innovative and somewhat useful, many of them are completely insane. I have stared at a few of their items for way too long trying to figure out who on earth would possibly buy this thing. Here are some of the most absurd actual SkyMall items.

Skyrest Travel Pillow

Here’s a convenient item that gives you all the joys of looking like the creepiest person on earth while also letting you experience what it’s like to terrify the person seated next to you as you slowly inflate this giant slab of pillow. There should probably be an FBI watch list of people who have bought one of these.

The Bed Bug Sleeping Cocoon

This is basically a bigger Snuggie, isn’t it? Also if you anticipate staying at a hotel that would have bed bugs, maybe save the $79.95 you were spending on the cocoon and upgrade your hotel. Problem solved!

Continue reading and see the photos of these weird prodcucts at The ManCave Daily.


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