Dog Poop, Cockroaches More Popular Than Congress

Of all the things in our lives, following our dogs around and scooping up their poop with a plastic-bag-covered hand doesn’t usually rank to high on the ‘favorite activities’ list, especially if it’s raining or snowing. We do it because we love our dogs. The thought of seeing a cockroach crawl across the kitchen floor is also pretty revolting. But according to a new survey by Public Policy Polling, we like cockroaches and scooping poop more than we like Congress. It’s not really that surprising, though, is it? The government shutdown is entering its eighth day with no end in sight.

The survey results weren’t very close in most cases. In other words, people really, really don’t like Congress right now. They’d prefer to wait in line to get a driver’s license by a 58 to 24 margin. Even the people who collect our taxes are more popular than Congress. Voters chose the IRS over Congress 59-23. Other things more popular than Congress: hemorrhoids, toenail fungus,┬ámothers-in-law, zombies and Wall Street.

Don’t worry lawmakers. We still prefer you over the really terrible things in life like serial killers, heroin, Syria and Miley Cyrus. Many American voters also put Congress ahead of Honey Boo Boo, Anthony Wiener, Lindsay Lohan and Vladimir Putin.

JACK’s advice to Congress: stop bickering like a bunch of reality stars desperate for attention and get the government going again. Because let’s be honest here; it’s pretty embarrassing that people like the IRS more.


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