This video purports that a computer can descramble the notoriously difficult-to-solve popular toy from the 80’s in just one second. But with all the prep, and photos, and uploading, it’s pretty clear that it takes up to 2 minutes! Yes, it’s very exciting at the end, but come on! It’s more that a second, people.

Without a thorough grasp of the Portugese language, I assume the parting message in this video is: “With all the brainpower it took to build our computer, this is how we decided to waste the technology, by solving a damn Rubik’s cube.” The website given at the end is a Portugese site seemingly dedicated to The Cube.

Granted, it is amazing what computers and kinetics can come up with these days, so perhaps this is just the beginning. Maybe solving the Rubik’s with this technology will lead to much more important endeavors. Like teleporting me to work without my car. Octopus59’s comment on the Youtube page is perfect: “That’s how fast the machines will be self-replicating, after they achieve self-consciousness in 2020.” Yikes!

Lee Callahan, Jack FM

Cate Gillon/Getty Images News

Cate Gillon/Getty Images News



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