Creeeepy Clown Terrorizes English Town

So there is this guy dressed as a clown who has been standing in random places in this English town called Northampton. That’s all he does. He stands and waves at people. He’s holding balloons, but doesn’t pass them out to children. He just stands there, motionless, staring, looking really creepy, reminding passers-by of the terrifying clown from the movie It.

The creep y clown is now famous, thanks to the internet and has become known as the ‘Northampton Clown’, yet no one knows who he really is. According to the The¬†Independent, the clown told a local newspaper he “just wanted to amuse people.” No big deal, right? He told the paper,¬†“Most people enjoy being a bit freaked out and then they can laugh about it afterwards.” Er, sure.

Yes, this story gets even more weird. In response to the silent stalker clown, a brave citizen of the down is now donning a blue super hero costume and acting as a “clown catcher” to try and put an end to this bizarre game.

If you’re brave enough to check out the pictures, here they are. But JACK is not responsible for any nightmares you may have as a result.


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