Soundtrack for the film Singles, released June 30, 1992 on Epic Soundtrax

Soundtrack for the film Singles, released June 30, 1992 on Epic Soundtrax

JACK recently got hip to this Throwback Thursday nonsense — you mostly see it on social media. Anyway, tomorrow’s Thursday, but the thing JACK wants to throwback to happened today. If Wednesdays were Throwback Wednesdays this would make a lot more sense….SO WE’RE OFF BY A DAY, WHO CARES, KEEP SCROLLING.

On September 18, 1992 Cameron Crowe‘s romantic comedy Singles hit the big screen. This cheesy cult classic, as you know, takes place in Seattle — and most of it was filmed in Seattle.

If audio flannel attacks like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or “Jeremy” hadn’t introduced the world to our humble fishing village yet, this movie certainly did. Cameos from Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Chris Cornell and Tad Doyle put faces to the names kids — and their parents — were hearing on the radio. This flick rode the heels of the grunge boom and took the music into unexpected households.

We’ll pause real quick for the trailer if you have no idea what we’re talking about:

The beef most people have with this movie is that it stereotypes Seattleites and portrays Generation X as a clueless movement. Shortly after its release in 1992, Matt Cook of The Stranger said Crowe’s flick was “relying on the general hipness of our little burg and on the star power of a few local musicians/bit actors to make a bundle of dough.”

Whether the cheekiness of this movie makes you gag or the exploitation of our culture makes you wince, the overall effect this movie had on Seattle is a positive one — especially from a music standpoint. The soundtrack alone is arguably one of the best collections of music of the 1990s. JACK particularly likes the contribution from the Screaming Trees, “Nearly Lost You.”

As this blog rolls one, JACK realized people’s attention spans in 1992 would have allowed them to keep reading, but nowadays anything past 30 words gets shoved aside. So, GO WATCH THE MOVIE FOR THROWBACK WEDNSURSDAY!

-Intern on the set of Singles during filming in 1991


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