Woman Tired Of Listening To The Eagles, Stabs Roommate

Consider yourself warned. Don’t listen to “Hotel California” on repeat, or your roommate might stab you.

A South Carolina woman got really irritated when she heard “Hotel California” one too many times Monday night. According to The Post and Courier,  Vernett Bader asked her roommate to take it easy with all the Eagles music, but he told her to shut up. Bader didn’t have a peaceful easy feeling after that confrontation, so she headed to the kitchen, grabbed a serrated knife and proceeded to stab the 64-year-old man several times.

He was nursing stab wounds to his arm, hand and elbow when police arrived.  Bader fessed up to the stabbing, but told police she did it because the man was choking her.

Here’s the shocking twist to the story: they were both drunk at the time. Police thought she needed to take it easy and spend a night in jail. She’s now charged with stabbing her roommate over “Hotel California.”

I can’t tell you why she thought the Eagles were so irritating, but maybe her roomie could just invest in some headphones for the sake of everyone’s sanity.


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