Metallica: What A Difference 20 Years Makes

Metallica in 1993 (VINCE BUCCI/AFP/Getty Images)

Metallica in 1993 (VINCE BUCCI/AFP/Getty Images)

This is Metallica in 1993. The pioneering, American Heavy Metal band had just finished a long co-headling stadium tour with Guns N’ Roses in which frontman James Hetfield was torched during a performance accidentally thanks to some faulty pyrotechnics. The group’s 1991, self-titled “Black” album may have single-handedly put metal in the mainstraim with anthems like “Enter Sandman,” “Sad But True,” “wherever I May Roam,” and “The Unforgiven.”

Metallica was scary, dirty, threatening — and if you liked the band, you were seen as an outsider. Metallica was the type of band you sneaked out of your parents’ house to go see.

Metallica in 2013 (Peter Bregg/Getty Images)

Metallica in 2013 (Peter Bregg/Getty Images)

This is Metallica in 2013 at the premiere of the band’s concert/documentary screening Metallica: Through The Never. An even crazier picture is in the San Francisco Chronicle’s article.

What do you make of this transformation?

JACK is not hating on Metallica at all — the band’s contribution to rock music is unparalleled. We just thought it was interesting to show the change in the group of misfits.

We really wanted to use a picture of the band from 1983, but we don’t have one in our Getty Images subscription. If you venture onto the band’s website, you can see this one (from 1983).

-Former Metallica roadie who still hasn’t been paid from the Damage, Inc. Tour


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