Elton John: New Music, Miley Cyrus And A Photo Album

Elton John has some advice for Miley Cyrus: Get it together, girl.

John has been a celebrity for decades, he’s sold lots of albums, had lots of hit songs and with age and experience come wisdom, which he’d now like to pass on to the younger generation of pop stars. According to the New York Daily News, in a recent interview Sir Elton described Cyrus “a meltdown waiting to happen.” John says he’s seen it happen before and the biggest problem for young stars is being surrounded by people “who don’t question you.” The “Rocket Man” singer says he’s also getting concerned for Lady Gaga, saying he “can’t get through to her.”

Elton John Through The Years [PHOTOS]

Being a concerned father-figure to troubled starlets is just a part-time gig for John; he’s still making music. Later this month, John’s latest record The Diving Board goes on sale. It’s his first album in seven years. Here is the video for the second single ‘Mexican Vacation (Kids in the Candlelight)’ to get you in the mood for the upcoming album.



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