One unlucky cat is about to be the next victim… er, participant, in Iran’s ambitious project to send a human into space, Iran’s official news agency announced Monday, which was then reported by Fox News.

About seven months ago, the Iranians claimed to have launched a monkey out of Earth’s atmosphere and returned it safely home. Iran has also claimed to have propelled a mouse, turtle and a few worms up into the atmosphere on a rocket a couple years ago.┬áBut much like Iran’s nuclear program, details are sketchy.

Sure, launch the monkeys, and who would really miss a few mice and worms in the event of a launch disaster? But a cat? Everyone knows cats are about as fit for space travel as a Miss America contestant. Cats need pampering and can’t spend too much time away from comfy napping spots like the couch, or the window sill, even in the name of science. Will the feline astronaut even be afforded comforts of home like fresh-out-of-the-drier laundry to curl up in… or is this trip purely business? And will there be Fancy Feast on board or will the poor kitty have to swallow dry food?

An Iranian space official told Fox News the cat will likely launch inside the next capsule, set for blast off in March. PETA, it’s time to get involved!


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