Everyone Who’s Bad At Parking, All In One Lot [Video]

One of the most annoying things in the world has to be arriving at your destination and discovering the only remotely close parking spot is actually taken up by a jerk who decided two perfectly good parking places were necessary, right?! (Blood pressure starting to rise…)

If that first sentence is setting off your road rage (or parking rage) then you should probably turn away now. If you have the calm demeanor of a zen master, then you might be able to watch this video without setting off your nervous tick. Let’s just say, it makes the parking lot at Southcenter Mall at Christmas time look like a day at the spa. Somehow everyone in Russia who sucks at parking a car ended up in the same parking lot on the same day. Some of these people got pretty close to ending up between the lines, but others clearly don’t understand that you’re supposed to park between the bright yellow lines.

JACK does not recommend watching this video right before your drive to Costco.


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