Dogs Play Bluegrass [Video]

Marlo Von Woofer (left) And Carl Bacon (right) are gearing up for a Bluegrass festival happening next month in Wichita, Kansas. JACK was able to obtain some footage of the famous duo practicing ahead of the big performance.

After you’re done watching, feel free to read the bio below:

Marlo Von Woofer first met Carl Bacon back in 1994 in New Orleans. Von Woofer was on tour with his Americana band Kibbletown when he popped into a bar after an exhausting performance for a nice tall bourbon on the rocks. About halfway through the drink, he came to realize he was¬†really¬†enjoying the music coming out of the stereo. He asked the bartender what the band was called and was told there wasn’t anything on and that a live band was playing in the other room. So, Von Woofer promptly finished his drink and trotted into the next room only to find Carl Bacon fronting a seven-piece Honky Tonk band.

Once the band, The Green Breeze, finished the set, Von Woofer approached Bacon and asked how long The Green Breeze had been a band.

(If you’ve made it this far, 1) JACK wants to make sure you realize this is all fiction 2) JACK applauds you for not simply clicking on the video and then immediately exiting the page 3) JACK is concerned you may be taking this content a little too seriously)

-Marlo Von Woofer, JACK Seattle


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