A new study out of UCLA contests that the language used in modern times reflects a very self-centered culture — and our resident curmudgeon couldn’t agree more!

Angry Curmudgeon Commentary: No kidding! You damn people tweeting about your new shoes. GET A LIFE!

The study looked into 1.5 million American and British books published between 1800 and 2000, and paid attention to word frequency and usage in comparison to cultural values. The increase and decrease of certain words reportedly revealed how society has responded to major historical shift and become more individualistic.

Angry Curmudgeon Commentary: You seen reality TV? Boom.

Words like “choose” and “get” have substantially increased since 1800 while words like “obliged” or “give” are slowly fading away. Researchers say this type of shift represents “individualistic psychological functioning” adapting to an urban environment.

Angry Curmudgeon Commentary: Get out of my city, you effing narcissists!

According to the data, the usage of “get” declined between 1940 and the 1960s before rising again in the 1970s, which scientists say is reflective of a decline of self-interest during World War II and the civil rights movement.

Angry Curmudgeon Commentary: Okay, I’m goin’ to sleep.

Read the whole breakdown on CBS News: Study finds modern word choices reflect a more self-centered culture

-Chris Coyle, JACK Seattle


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