Negligent Pooper Scoopers Get Punished! [VIDEO]

There’s plenty of responsible pet owners out there who dutifully scoop up after their dogs. But then there are those (you know who you are!) who don’t. We’ve all seen the evidence. Even the threat of a fine doesn’t seem to be motivation enough sometimes, so that’s when the mayor of a small town in Spain started using a very unconventional way to get the message across.

Apparently people in Brunete are pretty bad about cleaning up after their dogs. So bad in fact, that the mayor started boxing up the poo and sending it back to its rightful owners, according to the New York Times. The dog owners would get a white box with a label reading ‘lost and found’ and a very smelly surprise inside. “It’s your dog, it’s your dog poop,” Borja Gutiérrez told the Times. “We are just returning it to you.”

How did the mayor know who should receive the packages, you ask? He employed a cadre of stealthy volunteers to monitor local parks. When they saw someone leaving behind dog poop, they very charmingly chatted up the owner, casually asked the dog’s name, then took that information back to the office and cross-checked it with the pet registry to get the owner’s name and address. Genius. The packages were delivered within hours.

The mayor says he’s gotten a pretty positive response to his tactics and thinks it’s getting the point across. After delivering 147 of the packages, he estimates a 70 percent improvement. If the good behavior doesn’t last, he says he’s got a few other ideas up his sleeve, but he won’t divulge what they are just yet.

Now, check out the hilarious public awareness video.


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