Thanks to our pals down the hall, KMPS, we learned that Tom Petty, a JACK Seattle mainstay, has some issues with country music — in fact, the genre has irritated him so much he used a four-letter word in a long explanation about why he doesn’t care for country nowadays.

He was asked by a reporter fromĀ Rolling StoneĀ about some comments he made regarding country music. Petty reportedly said on stage that country has become “bad rock with a fiddle.” Petty added that he’s sure there are people out there making great country music but it isn’t getting the attention that the “sh****** stuff gets.” He says he doesn’t think a George Jones or Buck Owens is on the way.

Our roommates at KMPS took the liberty into presenting Petty with a list of ten songs that prove his generalization is off-base. You can check that list out here.

We’ve been having inner-office debates about who is in the right. Unfortunately for the “country folk,” 100% of the JACK Seattle staffers think Petty’s words are spot-on. We read the lyrics of all ten songs listed and noticed they all follow the same pattern: a random noun associated with blue collar folk or Southern culture is thrown in somewhere (i.e. “trailer park,” “truck,” “boots,” etc); the last line of every chorus is always the title of the song; every song has a relatively similar tempo.

Take our poll and chime in…

-Chris Coyle, JACK Seattle


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