Dumbass Of The Day: Dude Tries Weeding With Torch, Sets House On Fire

Hey, homeowners. Here’s a very important lesson from JACK: don’t set things outside your house on fire… because it may catch your house on fire. Why do I need to be told this, you ask? According to KGW, a guy in Beaverton (near Portland) thought he could get rid of the weeds near his house by burning them down with a propane torch. He apparently thought he was pretty smart 1.) for coming up with a alternate way to clear out unwanted shrubs and 2.) for spraying those unwanted shrubs with water first, hoping to avoid a house fire. Surprise, surprise, he set his house on fire.

Thirty minutes and 35 firefighters later, the fire was out and thankfully no one was hurt. In a bizarre coincidence, KGW also reports that another flame-wielding nut in Sherwood (also near Portland) started a house fire last month while attempting to garden with a  propane torch. Really?!  Surely there’s a kid somewhere in Portland with a lawnmower who’s looking to make a few bucks this summer and more importantly help keep the number of house fires in the area to a minimum.


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