Just when you thought Facebook was no longer useful for anything but wasting your time, the police chief in a small Ohio town raises the bar. Chief David Oliver has started berating stupid criminals in Brimfield Township in just about the most public forum there is today, and with great success. (CBS Cleveland brought this great story to our attention.)

For example, to the jerks who park in handicapped spots but shouldn’t, the chief wrote, “You are milking the system and it aggravates those of us who play by the rules. Ignoring us does not make you invisible. We see you, loser.” Nice! To “Mother and Father Meth Cooks” he writes, “You have violated the very basic principle of being a parent, which is the safety of your child. I am fed up with watching it.” Agreed. He’s really just creating a Facebook post out of what most of us want to say to these idiots anyway, right?

And don’t for a minute think no one reads these posts. In the past year, the number of likes has increased tenfold and just today (June 17) surpassed 52,000. The town only has a little more than 10,000 residents. CBS Cleveland reports that even the crooks are getting the message; back in March a suspect in a traffic stop specifically asked not to be mentioned in one of the chief’s rants. Of course Chief Oliver ignored the request.

Dude, isn’t it obvious? If you don’t want to be shamed on Facebook, don’t break the law in Oliver’s town. ‘Nuff said.

RA, JACK Seattle


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