Mariah’s Busting Out Of Her Dress And Cursing [VIDEO]

Well this is embarrassing… Mariah Carey had a pretty bad morning Friday. Not only did the diva have a wardrobe malfunction, she also botched some of the notes of her own songs. First, the American Idol judge was getting ready to perform on Good Morning America Friday when the back of her dress popped open. Ooops! (Maybe go one size up next time… no one will know!) Luckily her team of handlers descended to sew her up, but then she dropped an s-bomb while she was having trouble with a mic. Yikes! Then the diva struggled with some of the high notes, prompting a digital touchup of the audio before the show aired on the west coast. Yowza!

Don’t worry, we’ve got both versions for you here so you can judge for yourself.
The East Coast version:

And the clean West Coast Version:

And here’s the moment the dress busted… it’s not as salacious as you might be hoping, but we’ve gotta give Mariah credit for handling it well.

Hey, we get it, nobody likes getting up early. But JACK’s advice: have some strong coffee before you go on stage if you’re having trouble waking up.


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