We’re going to gently poke fun at both parties involved in a very funny incident that took place this morning.

Legendary actor Morgan Freeman was on Q13 Fox News This Morning Wednesday alongside Michael Caine to promote the new movie Now You See Me by way of a satellite interview. Being a morning show, making the appearance was probably the first thing Morgan had done all day. And, being that Morgan is 75 years old, getting up first thing in the morning to talk to people he doesn’t know (and can’t see) is probably not on his list of “favorite things to do.”

About 30 seconds into the interview, once Caine took over talking duties, Freeman wasted no time in getting comfortable to catch a few Z’s. Before it became obvious that Freeman had no interest in staying awake for the remainder of the interview, whoever was in the control room during the interview wisely cut to b-roll of the movie so viewers wouldn’t have to see Morgan napping. However, the control room can only do so much for so long. After about 45 seconds of clips from the film, the two actors appeared again, only this time Freeman looked either dead or fast asleep.

In Morgan’s defense, the line of questioning wasn’t exactly as strong as black coffee. The first thing the legendary actor was asked was “how fun” it was to work with magicians on the set of the movie.

In Q13’s defense, why is Summit Entertainment sending out 75-year-old Morgan Freeman and 80-year-old Michael Caine to promote this movie before most of the west coast has had their coffee? The movie also features the much younger Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo and Isla Fisher.

Well, we hope the movie does okay.

-JACK Seattle


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