Ozzy Osbourne Says New Black Sabbath Doesn’t Sound Like The Old Stuff

Black Sabbath have been busy. From staring in the season  finale of CSI, where they acted and played, to planning their upcoming tour,  enduring  frontman Ozzy Osbourn‘s  relapse… oh, and wait for it, Ozzy’s reports that old Bill Ward is not what he used to be, it’s nothing short of a miracle that new music is being made by this pack of worn-hard musicians.

But in an interview with NME, Osboune said that new material sounds “very current.”

“The one thing I’m really happy with the new material is that it doesn’t sound like what we’d have done next if I hadn’t left in 1979,” continued Osbourne. “It isn’t like we’ve tried to make ‘Paranoid’ again. It sounds like Black Sabbath, but it’s very current. I mean, with Pro Tools (an audio editing device) and computers and everything, we could make us sound like anything.”

Thank God for technology.

Geezer Butler adds, though, that the album was “very depressing” and showcases the “heavier side of Sabbath.”

Black Sabbath’s 13 is scheduled for release on June 10th. It will be their 19th studio album.

Lee Callahan, Jack FM


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